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Bajos Del Toro
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Fifteen years

We are so fortunate to live and work for the last 15 years in Bajos Del Toro, Sarchí, Costa Rica, and we love it every day more. We love the refreshing mountain weather with overwhelming views towards volcanoes and national parks, in the middle of nature and close to everything. And Bajos Del Toro is getting famous for its abundant forest and waterfalls. It is known as the number one waterfall area of Costa Rica, after all. So, we are going to concentrate on our real estate work just in this area.

We invite you to check our available properties.

We offer building lots and bigger farms which have superb potential touristic wise. So come over and see yourself what this is all about.

We are trying to provide you with all the relevant information. Do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions or interest.

For now, thank you for your time and interest.

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Wil and Donais
Del Toro Real Estate S.A.

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Bajos Del Toro valley
View of the valley of Bajos Del Toro, north to south.

Our listings:

# 01 – Gorgeous and affordable building lots.

In the now fast developing area of Bajos Del Toro, Sarchí, we offer our last gorgeous and affordable building lots, starting at only USD15 m2Read more.

Bajos Del Toro Lotes

# 02 – Hotel site of 12,5 hectares.

We have an extraordinary lot for sale, which is perfectly suitable for a hotel and located in a virgin area with fantastic views of two national parks. Read more.

Bajos Del Toro - Hotel site

# 03 – Hotel site of 10,9 hectares.

We have another extraordinary lot for sale, which is perfectly suitable for a hotel and overlooks the plains of northern Costa Rica and situated between two national parks. Read more.

Bajos Del Toro hotel site

# 04 – World-class waterfall project – Catarata Del Toro.

A touristic opportunity of world-class in Bajos Del Toro. Unique and Second to None in beauty and splendor. Read more

Catarata Del Toro

# 05 – Once in a lifetime – Blue Falls of Costa Rica.

We are offering the most incredible touristic opportunity available in Costa Rica. Size is 51 hectares and has 7 blue waterfalls. Read more.

Blue Falls of Costa Rica

# 06 – Seven hectares inside, but not part of it, the national park Juan Castro Blanco.

# 07 – Several nice farms in San Isidro de Limonal de Bagaces, Guanacaste.

For sale three different farms, in one block, with a total area of 660 hectares and priced to be sold.
115 hectares.
395 hectares.
150 hectares.

Farm 115 ha San isidro de Limonal 8

We also offer some lovely farms close to Bagaces and Interamericana. This for a very affordable price, $4.000 per hectare. Lots are three to 17 hectares in size. Soon we will put some more information here.

Thank you for your time and interest.