# 04 – Catarata Del Toro

A touristic opportunity of world-class in Bajos Del Toro. Unique and Second to None in beauty and splendor.

Welcome, and thank you for your time and interest.

We are offering a very special project for sale. Probably one of the best opportunities available in Costa Rica. If you are thinking of investing in Bajos Del Toro, then this project should be on your considering list.

It is located in the most northern part of Sarchí in Bajos Del Toro and totals 14 hectares. Located between two national parks, Juan Castro Blanco and Poás, and very close to the Central Valley and perfectly located for the most incredible mountain project in Costa Rica.

The main attraction is the amazing waterfall Catarata Del Toro, the most beautiful one in the country. Second to None in beauty and splendor as they say. What the project makes so different and unique, and attractive, is not just the waterfall. Still, it is the combination of many things as we mention the canyon, the views, nature, gardens, the national park, flora fauna, climate, and (humming)birds.

Catarata Del Toro

A good R.O.I. is almost guaranteed.

The touristic project operates since 2005, and after a difficult start, it is taking off. Not only because of our efforts but also because of the development in the entire valley of Bajos Del Toro, touristic wise spoken. Now it is the time to get in. The project has it all to become the number one in Costa Rica.

The property is usable for at least 90%, has a private and secure entrance from the main road 708. There is space enough to develop any project of your desire. Will it be a secluded mountain hotel, a daytime waterfall project, or a combination? Opportunities enough.

The main reason tourists come to Bajos Del Toro is for the abundance of nature, the refreshing climate, and its peace. Waterfalls are all over. The national park Juan Castro Blanco, with the nickname ”Water Park”, is a substantial touristic value, as is the Poás volcano. In recent years, Bajos Del Toro started growing in tourism, especially eco-tourism.

Asking price is USD3.500.000 –.

Note: As the owners want to move back to Europe, they probably will listen to a reasonable offer!

Catarata Del Toro

Two national parks surround us.

And year-round comfortable cold weather, with temperatures around 20°C – 25°C / 68°F – 77°F. The location is close to the international airport and the central valley. And with pure drinking water in abundance for the next 50 years and almost no neighbors. Borders in the west with park National Juan Castro Blanco and the east with park National Poás.

Electricity, phone lines, fast internet: it is all available.

The location is on the Caribbean slope with an altitude of 1.200 meters above sea level. And this area is crime-free and very peaceful.

Hereunder you can download the sales document of this property, among others.

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More information

Scroll down this page, please for more information and a video. And to get a better understanding of it all. Download the videos and photos in high definition.

Then if there is any interest, please contact us so that we can make a visit together and we will make an effort to answer all your questions. We will try to meet your needs.

And remember: properties like this only passes once in a lifetime, the most.

    Del Toro Real Estate S.A.
    6km norte de Bajos Del Toro
    Sarchi, Alajuela, Costa Rica
    E-mail: info@deltoro-realestate.com
    Phone: +506 8399-7476

    If you want to see more of the projects, in high definition, we recommend you to download some videos.

    Catarata Del Toro Adventures    (145 files – 4,75 GB)
    Blue Falls of Costa Rica   (49 files – 4.2 GB)
    Section A     (10 files – 1,88 GB)
    Section C       ( 4 files – 218 MB)
    La Punta      (11 files – 745 MB)

    If you want to see more of this valley in high definition, we recommend you download some videos: The beauty of Bajos Del Toro:

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    3 out 5:               https://we.tl/26idDjDtfe         (1 file – 3.3 GB)
    4 out 5:               https://we.tl/0nZs2PxLHC     (2 files – 2.8 GB)
    5 out 5:               https://we.tl/E9GpwSrnPL     (2 files – 2.1 GB)

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