# 08 – Catarata Del Toro, Bajos Del Toro, Sarchí

Catarata Del Toro, Bajos Del Toro, Sarchí

Welcome and thank you for your time and interest.

We are offering a very special project for sale, a touristic opportunity of world-class. It is located on the most northern part of Sarchí in Bajos Del Toro and totals almost 100 hectares divided in 2 big sections and 1 small section. Located between two national parks, Juan Castro Blanco and Poás and right next to the Central Valley. Perfect located for the most incredible mountain project or projects in Costa Rica.

The project actually exists out of three projects:

First the amazing beautiful: Catarata Del Toro – Costa Rica’s Ultimate Secret®, which is ‘Second to None in Beauty and Splendor’.

Secondly: Blue Falls of Costa Rica – Nature as perfect as it can get and truly the mother of all blue rivers in Costa Rica.

Thirdly: a real estate development.

Catarata Del Toro 25

More information

Please view the small video at the bottom of the page. Download the other videos and feel free to ask for more detailed information and prices through the contact form, which we will send you by e-mail. Then if there is any interest please contact us, so we can make a visit together and we will make an effort to answer all your questions. We will try to meet your needs.

And remember: properties like this only passes once in a lifetime… the most!

Del Toro Real Estate S.A.
6km norte de Bajos Del Toro
Sarchi, Alajuela, Costa Rica
E-mail: info@deltoro-realestate.com
Phones: +506 2476-0800 / +506 8399-7476

If you want to see more of the projects, we recommend you to download some extra videos.

Catarata Del Toro Adventures    (145 files – 4,75 GB)
Blue Falls of Costa Rica   (49 files – 4.2 GB)
Section A     (10 files – 1,88 GB)
Section C       ( 4 files – 218 MB)
La Punta      (11 files – 745 MB)

If you want to see more of this valley, we recommend you to download some extra videos: The beauty of Bajos Del Toro:

1 out 5:               https://we.tl/pZXNczPXKv   (4 files – 2.2 GB)
2 out 5:               https://we.tl/DFKIyuuKqC      (1 file – 2.8 GB)
3 out 5:               https://we.tl/26idDjDtfe         (1 file – 3.3 GB)
4 out 5:               https://we.tl/0nZs2PxLHC     (2 files – 2.8 GB)
5 out 5:               https://we.tl/E9GpwSrnPL     (2 files – 2.1 GB)

Thank you again for your time and interest!

End of Catarata Del Toro, Bajos Del Toro, Sarchí