# 09 – Blue Falls of Costa Rica – Nature as perfect as it can get.

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We are offering a very special project for sale. It is located on the most northern part of Sarchí in Bajos Del Toro. And totals 51 hectares, completely privately located and between two national parks, Juan Castro Blanco and Poás and right next to the Central Valley.

On those 51 hectares you will find: 15 hectares primary forest, 2 rivers, amazing, amazing 3600 views, privacy, rolling hills, many hidden areas and… 7 Blue Waterfalls and 3 normal waterfalls. Hard to find somewhere else.

Take control

We just started recently our own project on the above-mentioned property: Blue Falls of Costa Rica Nature as perfect as it can get and truly the mother of all blue rivers in Costa Rica. Slowly but steady we are planning to develop it, but actually this is the right time to take control and build the most incredible blue river mountain project in Costa Rica and far beyond. It needs only a little extra development to become the number 1 touristic attraction of Costa Rica.


Asking price USD5.000.000,–

Note: As the owners want to move back to Europe, they probably will listen to a good offer!

Blue Falls of Costa Rica 18

To give you an idea of the potential of this project: think of the famous Rio Celeste.…. and then 3 times! We are glad to explain you why!

‘Destino Turístico Sostenible’

Recently our county of Sarchí, has been certified, Central Americas first county, as a ‘Destino Turístico Sostenible’. Project is initiated and supported by the German government and has to meet the highest standards and requirements. The name of the certification is ‘TourCert’.

Also, the new access road from Sarchí and the central valley will be completed soon. Those developments come exactly on the right time to benefit from it. And last but not least: in front of the Blue Falls and next to Catarata Del Toro there will be built in 2019 or early 2020 a German eco-university. They will also use the Juan Castro Blanco, known as the ‘waterpark’ to promote and conserve.

All that together are amazing positive developments for the area of Bajos Del Toro. So, now it is the right time, please contact us.

Blue Falls of Costa Rica 11


Please view the small video at the bottom of the page. Download the other videos and feel free to ask for more detailed information and prices through the contact form, which we will send you by e-mail. Then if there is any interest please contact us, so we can make a visit together and we will make an effort to answer all your questions. We will try to meet your needs.

And remember: properties like this only passes once in a lifetime… the most!

Del Toro Real Estate S.A.
6km norte de Bajos Del Toro
Sarchi, Alajuela, Costa Rica
E-mail: info@deltoro-realestate.com
Phones: +506 2476-0800 / +506 8399-7476

If you want to see more of this valley, we recommend you to download some extra videos: The beauty of Bajos Del Toro:

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5 out 5:               https://we.tl/E9GpwSrnPL     (2 files – 2.1 GB)

Thank you again for your time and interest!

End of Blue Falls of Costa Rica, Bajos Del Toro